TRANE maintenance center in Cairo and the governorates

TRANE agency has a professional team that supports you and serves you in all possible ways and always keen on your comfort, as it explains all the products and their advantages to you if you want to buy a device from a TRANE agency, there is also a technical support team that maintains all electrical devices, and also provides you with a maintenance centre 24 hours service, upon receiving your complaint, and technicians also deliver you to a house for your equipment maintenance.

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Business hours: Sunday to Thursday - 8 am to 5 pm

Center maintenance services of TRANE

Do you have a problem with TRANE products or malfunctions in the products of refrigerators, LED screens, fully automatic washing machines and automatic have, or any other TRANE products that require technical support or do you have a question? We can help easily because we are the best customer service for TRANE maintenance in Egypt

Immediate maintenance

We perform immediate maintenance for TRANE devices Household and in the fastest time and highly efficient

Original pieces

TRANE Maintenance Center provides maintenance and replacement of damaged parts with original ones

Ongoing technical support

Ongoing technical support Technicians receive training at the technical level Ethics by resource professionals Mankind for the upscale deal and quality Professionalism in performing the required work

reach you at any time

A fleet of cars arrives at any time In the event of a malfunction, contact us and we will contact you soon And at any time to maintain and repair your device

customer service

Customer service after maintenance In the event that we maintain one of TRANE devices Home-based customer service is always with you even when After performing the maintenance process to make sure there is no Another problem exists

Warranty period

Warranty on replacement parts TRANE maintenance provides a warranty period for customers On services, so if the problem recurs Once again during that period, you will be referred to Technical Support and Resolution Department

Speed of service within 24 hours, reached you, technical support team Contact Us

TRANE Maintenance

TRANE Maintenance Center maintains your devices at home. Maintenance is at the cheapest prices in the market. Service speed within 24 hours. The technical support team receives you. Customer service responds to you and receives your complaint and informs it of the administration.

Air Conditioning

Maintenance of TRANE Egypt air conditioning, high efficiency made with the highest level of technology and with high efficiency to work and reduce the cost of electricity. TRANE, which is the best in the world in terms of sales for all its equipment in general, and air conditioning in particular, has created TRANE air conditioning in particular in a creative way at a level All generations designed with adaptations, and TRANE has supported that with a group of integrated branches all over the world

TRANE crash reports

In the event of any malfunction in one of your home appliances, you can contact us immediately and call a number

Why Us

You can actually discover what sets us apart from Swana from TRANE brand service providers from the moment you contact our professional TRANE Customer Service staff. Our employees with high experience and precision in performance are eager to provide what meets your full desires but rather exceeds them beyond that because we are not satisfied with less than perfection in the performance of our tasks, and therefore we, with our creative ideas, are working to find customized solutions and provide distinguished services from the moment The first and always

Maintenance of all TRANE home devices

At TRANE Service Center we provide you with the best maintenance service for your home appliances at the hands of a group of skilled technicians trained at the highest level


TRANE Troubleshooting Service Center is characterized by its rapid response to maintenance of malfunctions of home appliances

Excellent customer service

Customer service is always with you and at your service at any time, even after the end of the maintenance process

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